back of the room looking at you counting the steps between us
back of the room
looking at you
counting the steps between us

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"Pretty awful, isn’t it? How things change so quickly in this town. Somebody’s your girlfriend and then they’re not; one day there’s a house and the next day… it’s gone. Poof."

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paily + wtf

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I miss them so much.

Marlene, please, don’t take Paily away from us.

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I realized how I’m going to make it through the Paige-less episodes.

Seeing Emily miss Paige.

Seeing Emily worry about Paige.

Seeing Emily realize that its always been Paige.

That’s how.

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"I love- I’d love to hear from you."
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Paily (Paigeless) scenes 5x07 HD

youtube link

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"Hey Paige, it’s me. I heard what happened to you, in the locker room. I should have called you sooner. I’m sorry if this was because of what you told me about Mona, which I think it was. I’m sorry I put you in the middle of all this."

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How do you feel now? I’m working on it.

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Emily Fields + smiling

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"How am I supposed to get through the Paige-less episodes?"
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